Emergency Response Program

On-call emergency action to reduce imminent threat to life or property during extended power outages. AEA responds to a real or potential emergency situation before disaster or major loss occurs. Funding is for procurement of manpower, materials, and equipment during the emergency.


   * Imminent danger to life   **  Likelihood of significate disruption of electrical service
 a) If a utility eligible suffers an electrical emergency, the authority will, subject to the availability of funding, assist the utility in responding to the emergency and recovering the ability to generate and transmit power to the utility's customers in a manner that does not constitute a significant threat to life or property. Assistance may include financial assistance or technical assistance, including emergency repairs.
 b) In this section, "electrical emergency" means a condition in a utility's system that presents an imminent danger to life or likelihood of significant disruption of electrical service.

Emergency Response Program Fact Sheet

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